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Refinery29 Unwash Cleansing Conditioner

“Before I even started using the product, I fell in love with the smell. It was like a fresh load of laundry, but for my hair. In the shower, my brain went whoa for a moment when I squeezed a little bit of it onto my hand. I wasn’t used to seeing a shampoo-sized amount of (cleansing) conditioner, but then I remembered that I was supposed to “apply a generous amount.” Going on, it didn’t feel that different from applying conditioner, and I immediately felt like I had a lighter head of hair.

By day two my hair felt super-soft, and I think it looked even shinier than usual! My hair didn’t show any signs of oil until the end of day three (I didn’t use products on day two, but I did use them on day three), so I washed my hair that night for the second go-around. Over the next couple of days, the softness stayed, which was great, and the oiliness and texture change were slightly more noticeable, but not overwhelming. And, I have to say, skipping an extra step in the shower when you’re rushing from place to place is a definite timesaver.” – Refinery29

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Samatha Yu Refinery29 Unwash cleansing conditioner

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