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Easy, Approachable Hair Care

Intentional & Time Saving

Saving you time and bringing the most efficient products to market is at the heart of everything we do. 

Extended Salon-Quality Care

Our formulations are designed to bridge the gaps between salon visits, giving you the power to maintain salon-quality results for longer periods. 

Innovative Approach

We are all about finding the sweet spot between top-notch ingredients and the latest innovations. 

Uncomplicated Hair,

Undeniably You

At Unwash, we wholeheartedly believe your best hair day is only one wash away. We believe that approachable and functional hair care routines should be the standard, eamlessly fitting into your daily life. We’re all about paving the way for hair care that works smarter, not harder, ensuring that every individual can effortlessly and elegantly embrace their unique style with effortless grace and understated confidence. Embark on a hair care journey where simplicity meets stunning results!

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