What's wrong with shampoo?

Expert Alexandrea Villareal, owner of Locs on Lock salon in Temecula, CA, reveals why she started co-washing.

Alexandrea is a hairstylist and beauty influencer known for her bright and vivid hair colors. Clients travel from around the world to sit in her chair.

I am known for my work with vivid and bright statement hair colors, so finding a shampoo that won’t completely strip or compromise my work has always been difficult. I had heard of co-washing, but did not fully understand it until I used Unwash! Unwash’s Bio Cleanser leaves my client’s hair feeling restored while not stripping any color, it has been my go-to salon secret recently and has changed the way I shampoo for good! I also notice that my blow-dry time is significantly faster as my clients hair is more lightweight since it’s not being bogged down by the heaviness shampoo leaves behind.

3 Reasons I broke up with Shampoo:

  1. Shampoo was weighing down my clients’ hair, especially in comparison to when I switched to using Unwash!
  2. My vivid hair colors aren’t stripped, while still restoring the hair to its natural state.
  3. My blow-dry time is almost cut in half! It saves me a lot of time!

Alex has kicked shampoo to the curb and now uses Unwash in her daily routine for her clients!

My favorite Unwash products: I love the rethink clean kit. I use the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner all the time but I love pairing my wash with the Anti-Residue Cleanse (the first residue detoxing product I’ve used that actually works) and I top it off with the Hydrating Masque. 

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